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  Mohammed Moudayfer Bros Co. working in the field of customs clearance and transportation for seven and fifty years ago, where it was initially on the Saudi-Jordanian border agent to rid the company Tapline in 1372 AH, corresponding to 1953 in the name of (Mohammed Moudayfer), and after a few years of solidarity has become under the name Mohammed Moudayfer Bros Co. .obhmd God grew and expanded until it became cover the ports of Saudi Arabia and its airports.
       Our vision:
       Clearing & All imported and exported goods each around the world by sea, air and land fifty years of experience and more than work in the field
       of customs clearance and transportation.
       Our goals:
       - To serve our customers to freeing imports through the ports and airports of Saudi Arabia and border crossings.
       - Speed of delivery.
       - Integrity and safeguard the rights of Our clients Komwalna and more.
       - We are trying to meet requests from and wishes of Our clients as possible and possible.
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ISO 9001 : 2008
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